Kentucky Tourism - Visit The Bluegrass State For Fun And Adventure

Kentucky, also referred to as the Bluegrass State, owing to the blue colored grass found in many of its fertile fields; is popular for its Derby, fine bourbon, and tobacco farms amongst a lot of other things. The state is built around a system of natural attractions and parks that include waterfalls, lakes, caves, and forests.

As it is located in the central US, the climate is moderate and mild in Kentucky throughout the year. So, you can visit the state anytime of the year you want. It experience distinct summer, winter, spring, and fall seasons. Fall and spring are the two most famous seasons for tourists, as the state is full of life and color at these times.

There is a whole host of things you can do in Kentucky. You can attend cultural and sports events, and can enjoy nightlife and go shopping as well. But, if you are an adventure enthusiast, there can't be a better place to satisfy your craving for adventure sports. From hiking and horseback riding to rock climbing and zip lining, there is excitement and intrigue at every turn.

Kentucky is also known for its sightseeing locations, and there is none better than the Red River Gorge. The Gorge is a beautiful natural image that is sure to please your senses with its magnificent landscape and other geological aspects. It is also very famous for the Natural Bridge. Another scenic location you should not miss out on is Appalachian Mountains. The region is a perfect personification of natural awesomeness. The region also provides adventure seekers a lot of opportunities to challenge themselves.

Other attractions in Kentucky include Mammoth Cave National Park, Churchill Downs, Louisville Zoo, the Historic Railpark and Train Museum and Lost River Cave amongst others.

So, come to Kentucky and experience nature and adventure like you haven't ever done before.

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