Festivals In Kentucky – Events Ranging From Unusual To Strictly Routine

Want to move to Kentucky, and are looking for reasons to help you make that final push? Well, Kentucky offers so much that you will never regret coming here. Natural serenity, extended belts of green fields, and a bustling commercial life are just a few indicators of what you can expect in the state of Kentucky. Surrounded by Appalachian Mountains in the east and Ohio River in the north, Kentucky plays hosts to the world's most unique festivals as well. If you like being a part of cultural, social, and entertaining events, this is just the right place for you. Let us discuss a few upcoming festivals, and share things that you never knew.

The Woolly Worm Festival is the most unusual event you would have ever heard about. Beattyville has been the host for this festival since it started in 1988. Held just at the beginning of winters, this festival is based on a legend. According to the local people, the banded caterpillar can forecast the weather of the approaching winter season. The bands of colors on the slingy body of this worm correspond to the severity of cold one can expect. The festival sees a crowd of more than a 100, 000 people. However, this festival has a lot more than just the woolly worm making weather predictions. There is succulent food, enchanting music, wondrous rides, as well as booths for buying locals jewelry and crafts.

Now, let's move from the Woolly Worm Festival in Beattyville to the Spoonbread Festival in Berea. This festival, unlike the one we discussed earlier, is an out and out family event organized by the Chamber of Commerce. The Spoonbread Festival features arts and crafts show, carnival rides, hot air balloon, car shows, motorcycle rides, and not forgetting to mention, delicious spoonbread!! Thousands of people throng to Berea to enjoy the mouth-watering soufflé texture of the spoonbread. It is clear as a bell to think of Kentucky with bourbon and borgoo with spoonbread.

These are only a couple of the many festivals you will have the pleasure to participate in. There is so much to see, do, and experience here. You will definitely love every moment of being in Kentucky.

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